Horizontal Tytron Machine for High Frequencies, High Temperature Fatigue with Induction HeatingThermo-mechanical Fatigue in Inert EnvironmentSEM Tester

DIC and Infrared Camera

Bulge Tester

bulgetester.20080418.4809064a63cee4.11235786The unit consists of a piezoelectric actuated piston capable of 60 Hz attached to an oil chamber. A metallic film sample is suspended above the oil chamber. Oil pressure and film deflection are monitored with a pressure transducer and laser sensor respectively. The unit also has a video camera to monitor testing.

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MTS Tytron Horizontal Microforce Testing Machine

Equipped with a +/- 250 N, +/- 25 load cell. Cross-head moves on air bearings. Capable of running fatigue tests with frequencies up to 50 Hz. Used for tensile testing of 1-micron-thick polymeric thin films.

MTS Tensile/Compressive Test Machine

High Accuracy Tensile/Compressive Test Machine equipped with induction heating and liquid nitrogen cooling system used to test materials between -150 to +500°C.

MTS Tensile/Compressive Test Machine

High Accuracy Tensile/Compressive Test Machine equipped with vacuum chamber and induction heating system to observe material behavior in the absence of atmosphere and/or at high temperatures (up to +500°C).

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Temperature can be cycled between hot and cold extremes (e.g. -100C to 100C) to measure the heat loss/gain indicative of the martensitic transformation in an SMA material in the absence of an applied stress. On cooling there is an exothermal event marking the transformation to martensite. Similarly, on heating there is an endothermic event marking the reverse transformation to austenite.

Instron Tensile/Compressive Test Machine

Extremely high accuracy Tensile/Compressive Test Machine with high load rating. Used for tests requiring high accuracy/load. Can also be equipped with cooling/heating system.

Scanning Electron Microscope

Includes two high-resolution instruments (Hitachi S-800 and Hitachi S-4700) and a multipurpose microscope (Zeiss DSM 960) for high resolution imaging.

Instrumentation for X-Ray Diffraction

State-of-the-art modular “Xpert” XRD system from Philips used for specimen characterization, to study single crystal defects, as well as a variety of other materials problems. (Picture shows a Pol-Plot from an XRD scan).

Magnetic Characterization Facility (MCF)

This lab consists of two magnetometers which allow for a variety of magnetic measurements to be made over the temperature range of 1.9 – 800 K and with AC or DC magnetic fields of < 0.5 µT and up to 7T. A large variety of specimen types can be accommodated.

Sample Preparation Tools

Students also have access to a variety of sample preparation tools, including grinding/polishing/cutting wheels, microscopes, hardness testers, chemicals, and a high temperature furnace.

Advanced Materials Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (AMTEL)

AMTELUnique facilities are used in Fracture Control Program sponsored research.This laboratory is an open user facility administered by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. This laboratory houses multiaxial loading frames, high temperature thermo-mechanical fatigue loading equipment with induction heaters and clam shell furnaces. Overall, AMTEL has 25 test machines, all with computer control capabilities